500 km in 5 Days Thailand






Charity Bike Ride

A year ago I made a ‘hand over heart’ decision to support the Hands Across the Water Charity and ride 500kms in 5 days through Thailand, to raise much-needed funds for disadvantaged orphans.

So here we are, back at home with ‘hearts and heads’ full of memories and learnings from our experience. We met as a group of business owners, in the week we rode as friends and arrived at the destination as a family. This was truly an experience of a lifetime and I look forward to putting all these lessons learned into practice.

Read my blog and find out what I learned and . . . what Biking has Taught me about Business.

Believe & Achieve

Team Tell raised over $10’000 – collectively the 46 Business Blueprint Riders raised more than $300’000 for the charity. Every cent raised goes to these kids and the development of a new orphanage.

Photos by Jay Beaumont

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Sincere thanks to:  Dale Beaumont (founder of Business Blueprint), Peter Baines (founder of Hands Across the Water), Chris & Gay (Tour de Asia) and to all our supporters.

Believe it or not

Biking & Business do have a lot in common. Find out more


The decision to do something is the first step


Knowing when what you are doing feels right

Comfort Zone

The need to stretch boundaries + expectations


Wonderful things can be achieved with teamwork


True success is doing something of significance