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Social Media is the current buzz word for businesses to stay ahead and build your brand in the fast paced online business environment. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website and to grow and nurture a fabulous business network. Stay in touch with existing customers and build new relationships with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube Channel or Google+ accounts. Or take advantage of our SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGES.

The 3 L’s of Social Media are Listen, Learn and Lead. Want to learn?
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Social Media Setup

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it easy for you to be remarkable.” ~ Seth Godin


Marketing + Digital Strategy

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.” ~ Seth Godin


Management + Ongoing

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals”. ~ Jim Rohn

Get you up and running . . .

  • Social Media set-up for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN accounts.
  • Post Social Media profiles.
  • Review Facebook business page settings and tabs to allow growth.
  • Gather 25 Facebook fans to claim your direct URL.
  • Search Twitter followers relevant to your target audience & post initial tweets.
  • Identify 3 LinkedIN Groups relevant to your target market or industry.


Need help to set-up your Social Media accounts, make them look professional; or maintain + manage your accounts? Call us

All of the ‘SET UP’ package plus . . .

  • Design, implement, and market your customized Twitter and Facebook page.
  • Custom designed Twitter background with you brand to reflect the “look & feel” of your business.
  • Custom & professionally designed Facebook Timeline Cover Designs, incl. 3 Tabs Designs.
  • Integrate Social Media Icons to your website and link to your Social Media pages if you are using our CMS system.
  • First 5 Facebook posts and First 10 Twitter posts.
  • Promotion on our Social Networks.

All the benefits of the ‘SET UP’ and the ‘LOOKS’ package plus . . .

  • 2x custom HD Videos in a professional green screen studio (1-2 min. videos).
  • Set-up and custom designed YouTube channel incl. upload & optimization.
  • Kick-start with Broadcasting and posting your videos onto You Tube.
  • Professional video editing, web encoding and embedding.
  • Quick guide to optimize videos on YouTube (to get more viewers).
  • 45 minute online Video Marketing strategy session.

Styles: Video Testimonials, Expert videos, Tips & tricks, Product Review, Welcome Message, Education Based Marketing.

Extracts from our Social Media eBook
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Even the best adventures have roadmaps … Why planning will improve your SOCIAL MEDIA Journey

When visiting a foreign city, you stand a far better chance of surviving for a day or two if you take a map. We all know that. Whether travelling on foot or by rail, bus or road, you probably wouldn’t dream of setting off without knowing where you were going. And so it is with Social Media. At the start of your journey into using it for your business, you’re faced with a range of different platforms. It can be quite overwhelming – how are you going to learn to use them, never mind find the time to keep your sites up and running?

For most business owners, time is the greatest investment. Indeed, it’s often the only investment you can make. And yet this is why Social Media, with its freedom of access, offers you such amazing opportunities. The benefits are there for the taking, if only you can use your limited time to its greatest potential. This means ensuring your Social Media activity has a strategic focus and conforms to a plan.

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How to win 'LIKES' and influence people with a fabulous FACEBOOK page

When it comes to Social Media platforms, Facebook seems to have it all. Comments and movies and pictures, fans and likes and sharing – and it seems that nearly everyone with a computer has signed up for a personal account. Facebook is indeed wonderful – if you use it carefully. This means following your own Social Media strategy and sticking to a plan. Used in the right way, the platform can really get your brand out there.

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Straight to the top! How to catch big fish with small talk on TWITTER

At first glance, Twitter could be mistaken for a lightweight site. But don’t be fooled. This micro-blogging site, with its 140-character limit on posts, can be one of the most valuable business development tools at your hands.

Twitter’s magic rests in the very feature that can seem so off-putting – its transience. Yes, messages come and go with amazing speed, but this brings incredible directness. You can talk personally with your customers, night and day. You can quickly build new contacts and join discussions, simply by searching for hashtags (#) that relate to your business. And you can relay snippets of news to people who are interested in what you do. Yet the outstanding feature emerges when you start networking, for Twitter gives you unparalleled access to thought leaders and industry players throughout the world.

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You've created a profile, so now what? Unlocking the potential of LINKEDIN

It’s easy to see networking platform LinkedIn as slightly cumbersome next to Social Media newcomers such as Facebook and Twitter. Although it’s a very different beast, LinkedIn remains incredibly useful when it comes to developing new business. With more than 5 million Australian users and over 313 million worldwide, it really can’t be beaten for locating businesses, professionals and opportunities.

It won’t deliver them to you, though. It’s no use setting up a profile, making a handful of connections and then waiting for it all to happen. It won’t, for LinkedIn demands that you make it happen. You have to be proactive.

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5 Ways to win business by getting visual on PINTEREST

As one of the newest Social Media sites to emerge, Pinterest is gaining a reputation for driving a huge amount of referrals to business sites. So why is it so successful?

Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ photos that interest you onto a personal ‘board’. You can also search for other users’ images and pin those too. What’s really different, though, is that everyone’s searching these images by interest category. Think about it. If you produce visual products or can evoke your business in a visual way, the benefits are there for the taking. By tapping into interests, you’re striking right at the heart of what motivates people to seek out and buy.

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The Do's, Don'ts and definitely DON'TS of Social Media management

Social Media management clearly involves a lot more than simply setting up a profile and posting comments about your business or images of your products. Each site has different requirements, but there are some diamond-hard rules that run through all of them.

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Now you see it, now you don't: COPING WITH CHANGE in Social Media

Many business people freely admit to feeling overwhelmed by the dizzying rate of change in the Social Media sector. No sooner have you got the hang of things, than something changes. To add to the pressure, new platforms seem to arrive on a regular basis. How do you know what to invest your time in, if at all?

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