Responsive Global Website Project

Integration of a number sites into 1 global website. Customized mobile and iPad friendly WordPress Website + Blog integration.

GreenSpeed Trikes Case Study

What we designed for GreenSpeed

Responsive website design & development with updated branding
and marketing messages. US and Australian Market research + development.

Client: GreenSpeed Trikes

Web design, WordPress customized

How we did it?

Defined project strategy

Designed in browser

Build with HTML5, SCSS, PHP5

Why experience counts! With 30 years of experience we have dealt with graphic design principles in one form or another from logo design, corporate identities and a variety of off and online materials – in fact, anything that represents an organization, product or service to it’s market.

Our problem solving solutions requires not only creativity, innovation and technical expertise but also understanding your product or service, goals, your competitors and target audience.

I have shown Janet your drafts for the trike page, and we have one word for what you have done … WOW!!

I completely agree! I was almost in tears as I saw the craftsmanship you brought to our GreenSpeed site. It’s so much more than a company that builds a great trike. It’s a company with a passion to give love and happiness to the world. Ian is a healer at heart. I love the direction you’ve taken us. Thank you.

Ian Sims                                        Janet Buckwater
CEO, Managing Director           US Marketing Manager

Project Overview + Objectives


– Update website ‘Look and Feel’ + new professional brand
– Reinforce a culture of innovation through a timeline graphic
– Improve the navigation, and user experience
– Emphasize the innovation + lifestyle benefits of GreenSpeed trikes

– Strengthen diversity + range of trike models with a comparison page
– Include strong call-to-actions + include a wordwide Dealer Finder
– Email newsletter + blog integration and management
– Develop an online presence that easily identifies with trike enthusiasts

Irma is a creative spirit, communications expert and owner of Tell IT Media (based in Melbourne). Business building design such as branding, design and development of online strategy and websites and communicating business messages through Social Media are some of the ways Irma expresses her creativity. 25 + years of experience means she understands businesses - helping build their image and presence, both on-and-offline. As a digital media consultant and your digital media success to motivate her, Irma will help your business increase your profits through clever communications. She's also a keen Cartoonist.

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