Logo + Mobile Website

Brand + customized Mobile & iPad friendly WordPress website


What we designed for MRC

Website design and development with new ‘Look & Feel’
Logo Design, Business Card + Factsheet designs

Client: Men & Relationships Counselling, Collins Street, Melbourne

Web design, WordPress customized

How we did it?

Defined project strategy

Designed ‘Look & Feel’

Built in WordPress

Creating a website to reflect the values, hopes and goals of a small business is no mean feat. Not only does it require the technical skills, it needs creative design and aesthetic vision combined with the interpersonal capacity to engage and relate to a relative newbie of the social media arena.

Tell IT Media has offered their generosity of time, patience and attention to detail which has produced a dynamic, interactive and compelling website and the beginnings of an information and educational hub focused on psychological and relationship growth.

Howard Todd-Collins
Managing Director

More Designs


– New identity + personality underpinned by a Brand Strategy
– Reinforced the new brand across all marketing materials
– Logo, Brochures + Flyers, Banners, Window + Vehicle signage
– Style guideline to ensure consistency across all on + offline material

– Website design + development (structure, content, imagery + CTAs)
– Social Media set-up and Social Media strategy implementation
– Email newsletter + blog integration and management
– On-going design+ marketing, events, promotions

Irma is a creative spirit, communications expert and owner of Tell IT Media (based in Melbourne). Business building design such as branding, design and development of online strategy and websites and communicating business messages through Social Media are some of the ways Irma expresses her creativity. 25 + years of experience means she understands businesses - helping build their image and presence, both on-and-offline. As a digital media consultant and your digital media success to motivate her, Irma will help your business increase your profits through clever communications. She's also a keen Cartoonist.

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