In February 2015, Irma set off on her 1st Hands Across the Water Charity Bike Ride. She rode 500 km across Thailand in 5 days. Team Tell  has since raised more than $25,000 for vulnerable orphans impacted by the 2004 Tsunami and a ruthless sex trafficking trade. March 2016 took on another 500km with 50 other Business Blueprint riders collectively raising $320,000 and changing the lives of children.


We believe in the
‘GIVE BACK’ principle

Biking to Make Things Better

‘Paying it Forward’

Your contribution will GIVE these young kids:

  • Love

    Is the greatest thing to share

  • Food

    For the body, love for the soul

  • Shelter

    Keeps you safe and protected

  • Clean Water

    Is our most precious resource

  • Medicine

    Aids those that need it

  • Education

    Is the ticket to a better future

Business Blueprint Bike Ride 2014

YouTube Video

Bike Trek 2014